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FCC Follies

Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to relax a 32 year old ban on media ownership. Under the new ruling, newspapers will now be able to own broadcast media. In a country where 3% of the population owns over 90% of the media outlets already, this is something that can not be tolerated.

Over the years, I continue to watch as the diverse chorus that was once our nation’s news slowly fades into a single voice: conglomerate consumer media. The message is being churned out from news factories. Where once my local newspaper was littered with actual local news, now I can scarcely find an article that wasn’t written by the Associated Press or some other wire service. The media giants would have you believe that in the midst of waning newspaper sales other sources of revenue should be allowed, and their solution: even more concentrated media ownership.

The American newspaper system was founded on the principle of being the watchdog of government. The media’s primary job is supposed to be to keep the American public informed of what their government is doing. Rather than this often difficult job, because of the ever increasing media conglomerates, we have seen the media be nothing but the government’s willing cheerleader.

We can start by going here: where you can sign a petition to Congress to nullify the FCC’s actions.

Following that, call your representative, and then your senator.

To find your representative by state, go here:

To find your senator follow this link:

The FCC follies have gone on long enough. We must stop this travesty from continuing. Not every one of us has to step forward, but if enough of us do, then we will ensure “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.[1]

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