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Where are we?

I was traipsing around flickr the other day and I came across this: “The spirit is dead and forgotten”.

(I would just post the picture but for some reason the photo will not post)

The picture poster said, “Has the American spirit really grown that fat and lazy?”

Has it? Has America’s spirit become so blinded by the glittering lights and deafened by the blaring sounds of the media that it can no longer see or hear the tragedies that occur around it? Or is it that our spirit has become so inundated with the tragic that our reaction is merely passé? Are there worse things happening now than 20 years ago, or is it that we are just paying attention more and the tragic has taken a new face?

I know between: terrorist organizations, epidemics of sickness and famine in the over-exploited nations (what are more often referred to as underdeveloped), the rising concern about human and worker rights on a global scale, and the globalization of trade and labor, there is a lot out there and it can be overwhelming. I just hope as a nation we can begin to focus on things that are much more important than which star has divorced which and whether the ultra-rich children of America can act like civilized human beings for longer than ten seconds.

We are at the junction of quite a few crossroads where we will have to make choices based on doing what is right and doing what is easy. Hopefully we will do what is right even though it won’t be easy.

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