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Surprise! Republican hypocrites

Not wanting to turn my blog into soapbox from which to spout anti-republican rhetoric, I refrained from talking about politics too much. I announced the candidate I was going to vote for and while it appears the rest of the country does not feel the same way I do, I am glad my fellow Democrats across the nation have someone in whom to finally believe. IN the attempt to keep a politically rhetoric free blog I have kept silent about some of the goings on in the party and the race.

Not after today. And damn me for not speaking up sooner.

With the race being so close, no matter who wins the next few primaries and caucuses, the deciding factor will be the super delegates awarded at the Democratic National Convention. However, a new wrinkle in the fight has been added as Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist and Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm have come out demanding the DNC seat the delegates of their banned primaries.

I am outraged. Not only have these states selfishly violated party rules to get their primaries out in front of everyone else’s, now they come back months later to whine about the consequences. Both Florida and Michigan violated Democratic Party rules by holding their primaries before February 5th. Because of this, their delegates will not be seated at the DNC, which means their delegates will be up for grabs only at the convention. What is even more outrageous is that the Republican Governor is being so vocal about it. This is some of the worst dirty politics I have seen in a long time.

Gov. Crist had the audacity to tell the nation that not only should those primaries be allowed to count, but that their results should be untampered with and that he would only be willing to hold another primary if the Democratic Party is willing to foot the bill. Personally, I hope Howard Dean, current chair of the Democratic party, sticks to his guns and tells both states to stuff it. They both knew the rules ahead of time and Dean even promised them back long before their primaries were held that the party would help pay to move the primary dates, but both states refused.

I want to see democracy work, and I want to see people’s voices heard, but this is a society that only works because of rules. We have the most peacefully held exchange of governments in the world and it is due to the fact that everyone involved knows the rules and commits to following them before pen is ever put to paper. Now, because the Republicans want to pit McCain against Clinton rather than Obama, they are crying about how the democratic process is being mucked with. Now these two Governors have the arrogance to stand up in front of the nation and wag their little finger at the Democratic Party for following the rules when they obviously couldn’t brings out a rage in me I haven’t felt since 9/11.

Shut up Crist, you sanctimonious hypocrite, and keep your politically fueled, partisan whining about rules you broke to yourself.

I have been saying the following to friends and family for months; someone within the Democratic Party needs to stand up and give the “for the good of the party” speech. Someone from the party needs to stand up and tell these candidates they are fighting the wrong fight and wasting resources on nitpicking character attacks. Someone from the party needs to stand up and scold these two candidates for not combining forces to stand against the Republican Party. That someone isn’t me, nor is it Howard Dean, nor is it Senator Kennedy. That someone needs to be Al Gore.

Please Mr. Gore stand up for your party and do something. Stop sitting on the sidelines like the rest of the super delegates. Help your party when it needs it the most. I strongly believe that only Mr. Gore has the political clout within the party for this to succeed. It would be a bold move, but it needs to be done. McCain is getting a free ride out there because our forces are too preoccupied with this stupid character race. I am a true card-carrying Democrat and because of the platforms of BOTH candidates I will be proudly voting for a Democrat President regardless of who it is that wins the nomination. So lets stop this redundant character debate before it ruins our chances to regain the White House.

If you are a Democrat and you are also tired of the current shenanigans we find ourselves in, please go to the DNC website, the Hillary Clinton website, and the Barack Obama website to tell them.

Vote Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary in 08!

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