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iTunes, you are the bane of my pocketbook. Every time I say to myself that I need to slow down on the iTunes purchases, I find something that I absolutely have to buy. Like these two remakes by Shawn Lee: Hey Ya and Clint Eastwood.

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra’s piano and harmonica filled rendition of Hey Ya is full of soul, funk, and easy listening. They turned what was a dynamite Hip-hop song into a long lasting easy jazz riff with just enough pop to keep you on your toes. The song’s background noises bring the listener to a dimly lit bar, complete with small, dimly lit, circular stage that the band mills around on, getting into their own groove to the complete delight of their listeners.

The original Clint Eastwood already lent itself to the slower side of things with its head bopping rhythm and light attitude. Shawn threw a low electric bass and high pitched electric lead and combined it with his own style of composure to make it his own.

I loved both of the originals, but the renditions put forth by Shawn Lee gave me a newfound respect for them, and gave me a new artist to get to know. This time I am glad I let my wandering fingers find new songs to buy. Check Shawn out on iTunes or on his website,

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