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What did I do? For someone who completely believes in Karma, that what we put into the world will be returned to us whether it is good or bad, it has been driving me nuts for the last 2 hours.

I was on my way to take one of my best friends shopping for a birthday present for his wife when someone hit my car. I was driving south down one of the four lane streets in the left lane. On the right shoulder was a wrecker with its red and blue lights twirling, so I knew there had been an accident there recently. I slowed down like everyone else around me, but this maroon toyota slowed down apparently to get in behind me. I couldn’t really tell this because her left turn signal was not on (I later found out it didn’t work at all). The truck in front of me stopped short and swerved slightly, and so I applied my brakes just as rapidly. I looked up in my rearview mirror (as I always do in these situations) and watched as that maroon car I saw a few seconds ago was not slowing as fast as I was. In a futile amount of pleading, I begged her not to hit my car, but alas she either didn’t hear me or couldn’t stop sooner. Her driver’s side headlight met the passenger side corner of my bumper with a weird mix of crunch, creak, and metal being forced into new shapes. This of course caused my head to whip back into the headrest of my chair. I’m only just now feeling the effects of that: a slight headache, my right shoulder is hurting, and my ear is giving me issues for some reason.

I get out of the car and can see that a woman was driving, there is a male passenger, and there are two children in the back seat. I could not tell if the children were in car seats, but I can’t remember seeing them in subsequent passes of the car. I ask if everyone is ok before I check the damage to the car. Physical injury is more important than property damage and I wanted to make sure everyone wasn’t hurt. This woman was near to hysterics. She immediately started talking about how she was a single mom and how she would work with me on paying it off or back. This little diatribe of hers set off the warning sirens in my head. I looked her strait in the eye and asked, “The cop is outside of earshot, I need you to tell me the truth, do you even have insurance?” All she could do was shake her head “no.”

Thankfully the police officer never asked me that question. I gave him my insurance card and she gave him her old card. While we waited I took some pictures of the damage to my car with my phone. They didn’t turn out very well or I would post them here. Nevertheless I can tell by the damage I will have to replace the bumper. There is a crease in my trunk lid as well and by some small miracle my taillight came out unscathed. All of it is expensive and all of it will have to come out of my pocket.

I haven’t gotten mad, and I don’t think I’m going to, but I’m upset. I’m hurt and I just don’t know what I did to deserve this. I certainly hope anyone answering doesn’t use my previous post as an example of what I might have done.

I’m tired now and am giving up on this day. But I am still wondering…

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