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Two weeks and counting

Dear Voter,

I have been watching with intense scrutiny the presidential political cycle since last year. I watched, I listened, and occasionally I commented on the theatrics. At first I was a Clinton supporter, but as time passed and the politics became thicker than year-old engine oil my fealty changed. Barack Obama has been doing everything possible to stick to the issues of the campaign at every stop. Talking at length with anyone who would listen about his plans for the economy, education, immigration, the war in Iraq, and how to get this country back on track.

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His opponent, John McCain, is using misdirection tactics on the American people to divert them from the truth and the issues.  For months now, Senator McCain has been running a smear campaign. It saddens me to think someone of his purported convictions and love for country would stoop to this level is abhorrent and disgusting. His advertisements have ranged from the misleading to outright lies. What’s even worse is the faulty logic McCain is using to make his cases. It appears desperation fills the McCain camp.

Apparently McCain’s vetting tactics were put to good before the last presidential debate. He used a largely fictional man, Joe “the plumber” as a symbol for his fight against Obama. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher “Joe the Plumber” is neither a Joe, nor a plumber. According to that linked article, “Joe” has never been licensed as a plumber in the state of Ohio, and furthermore, the “business” he plans on buying is little more than himself and a buddy; hardly worth the $250,000 he claims it to be. While I understand trying to make a point using hypothetical situations, this was just another in the long list of outright lies perpetuated by the McCain camp.

I would dearly love to go on about how the McCain camp has used tactics including racism, lies, misdirection, and hate-speech, but this is no longer the time for such things.

There are two weeks left until we are out from under the thumb of President Bush.

Two weeks remain until this nation decides who they want to run the country for the next four years.

And I want to ensure people are voting not on the politics, but on the issues. I’m voting for Obama not because McCain is a lying, war-mongering, addled old man, but because I believe in Obama’s platform on the issues.

So I am drafting this letter. In part to dissuage my fears, but also in part to help people make an informed decision come November 4.

Please go to the New York Times “On the Issues” site. The title may say On the Issues: Abortion, but that’s only because they listed the issues in alphabetical order. On the left-hand side of the site you will see the issue categories. In the middle of the page you get a side-by-side account of the nuances of each candidate’s position. First you’ll see their picture and a quote or short passage that sums up their stance. Then below that you’ll see the specifics of thier individual positions.

Its obvious that I am voting for Obama. I’ve been asked on many occasions why. I hope to answer that here.

The economy:

Yes, we should spread the damned wealth around! No, your hard-earned dollars as middle-class and lower-class citizens aren’t at risk. However, those who are rich and rarely pay taxes anyway because of the multitude of loopholes in the tax code should actually pay their damned taxes. I believe Obama when he says he will close some of those loopholes, especially the gifts we’re giving companies to open up shop overseas.

Furthermore, I fully believe that we need to let Wall Street fall. Let me say that again, because it bears repeating: Let. Wall. Street. Fall. It is filled with executives and fat-cats who preyed on the trust of the American people with preditatorial lending practices and loaning money to people who never should have been given the money in the first place. This is a stance neither candidate will get behind, it is a bit radical, however I would rather see Obama’s regulation of the banks to prevent them from foreclosing on a home for 90 days if the bank recieved help from the bailout and the homeowner is attempting to make even a partial payment rather than McCain’s idea to just throw money at it by buying the loans outright.


McCain wants to “drill baby drill.” What in the hell is he thinking? Is this man so addled that he can’t understand basic math? The United States only holds 2% of the world’s oil supply. We use 24% of the world’s oil supply. Off shore drilling, even if it started tomorrow, would take at minimum ten years to begin producing and that oil would not go directly into the U.S. oil reserves, but into the world market. I guess we made a real big difference there. We need to get off foreign oil, but drilling will not do that. Not tomorrow, not five years from now, not fifty years from now, not ever.

We need to reduce consumption, we need to invest in alternative energies, and we need to do it now. That is exactly what Obama wants to do.

Health Care:

Bottom line, health care is a right, not a privelidge. That is what Obama believes too.

There are many more  issues at the “On the Issues” site. Again, please visit it and make an informed desicion on the issues, not the politics.

Thank you, and remember to vote on November 4!

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