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Vice President Pitbull

Last night Gov. Sarah Palin brought the Republican National Convention to its feet with a very well-delivered speech.

This was not a surprise. In fact, if this was a legitimate surprise to anyone they haven’t been following American politics for long.

I will begrudgingly admit her ability to deliver a prepared speech is good. But, like so many other bloggers and journalists, I am waiting to see what happens over the next nine weeks. Will she be as cool as she was last night? How will the pitbull handle herself when she’s out of training school and off the leash?

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way. Continue on to read some of my thoughts on the pitbull…

First and foremost, even after hearing her speech and reading the guilt-stricken media give her praise for it, I still believe a thank you should go out to John McCain. So I’m going to do it. Thank you, Senator McCain, for almost handing over the election to Sen Obama. Your first presidential-looking decision and you made it with all the distinction and forethought of a high-school kid on prom night. This decision comes from the man who, with a serious lack of credible reasons why we should not vote for Obama, railed on the Senator for his lack of experience. Then he goes and picks a Vice President with even less experience in the national realm. Where was the old, wise, and experienced John McCain when this decision was made? Then the McCain campaign shoots from the hip, like a good maverick does, and proclaims that because of her state’s proximity to Russia she magically has foreign policy experience. Thank you John.

Furthermore, where were the grassroots people from the Bush/Cheney ’04 campaign when the speechwriters put down “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities” in that speech? One of the main reasons Bush is in office is because of community organizers. Another thanks John.

While Palin was able to deliver her speech with biting sarcasm and a charming smile, the fact remains that she said barely anything about herself beyond her family life. We know she was Mayor of Wasilla, then Governor of Alaska, the two jobs qualifying her for the VP spot, but we know far more about her family life after that speech. Are these the de-masculined changes McCain campaign manager Rick Davis was talking about when he used “too masculine” to describe the original speech? Has masculinity and femininity been reduced to whether you are a good mommy or whether you are a good husband? Or worse, has qualifications for the VP spot been reduced to your ability to keep a home? A big thank you from feminists everywhere John.

Then, and lastly, there is the controversy surrounding the aforementioned family. It would be the height of hypocricy for me, as a feminist, to proclaim that she is unqualified for the job because of her familial commitments. That being said, and believe me or not I would say this if it was her husband in her place, I will use the family she brought into the spotlight to highlight some of her more, questionable choices. As I told a friend of mine last night; had Palin looked into the camera and told all of America that her family crises were a private matter and that it was none of our business, I would have far more respect for her. (Which is pretty much what Sen Obama told the press when they tried to get a comment from him about the whole ordeal) This, however, is not what she did. She brought her 17 year old pregnant daughter front and center into her and McCain’s campaign by putting out the statement “We are proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby […].” Bristol’s decision? How dare she use her daughter’s very trying position to make a few political points with the faithful. I also despise the media for dredging this up as the best that can be brought up on Gov Palin.

Hopefully this episode will pass soon enough so we can get on to talking about her record as Governor of a state that per-capita takes the most federal money of any other state. Averaging $14,000 per person in the state of Alaska. Big money expenditures for a Republican who wants to reduce government size. And about her “thanks but no thanks” line? She may have flip-flopped on her support for the $223million bridge to nowhere, but she still accepted the same amount in federal funding for transportation. How hard of a line are you drawing when the money still flows in like a sieve?

I see Gov Palin as a bought and paid for pinup girl. Meant to do no more than look good on camera and make a few short-sighted people see what the Republican party wants them to see. Hopefully the moderates and undecideds in this country will see her for what she really is; a pitbull with more lipstick than bite.


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  2. The future is clear – you can see it right here:

  3. […] And then, go to this post on the Liberal Blogosphere, of which I guess mine is included. It is a very scathing report on what many liberal bloggers are saying about Gov. Palin. Perhaps had I read his post before I posted mine I would have rethought my approach. Oh well. I still stand by what was said. […]

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