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Semester over!

I keep forgetting how much I love Missouri wines. I picked up a bottle of dry red Stone Hill Winery Hermannsberger from a local grocery store and it is a great wine. Not overly powerful on the palette, nor is it an overly mellow wine; it strikes a fine balance between the acidity and residual sugar to produce a very melodious drink.

And it is with this glass of wine I draw the semester to a rather lackluster close. After staying up until 4am Saturday morning finishing up a paper that was due four hours previous, I’m so glad I’m done. And I couldn’t have gotten it done without you, thanks April. You rock.

Over the course of this semester I have managed to make friends then be alienated by them, draw closer to old friends, plan a vacation, get my car hit and subsequently fixed, and somehow keep from failing all my classes.

It completely infuriates me how some people can act like your friend and then be completely oblivious to your very existence. I join a club on campus to meet other people in my field and to possibly do some good. I’m not doing that again. It was completely devoid of real leadership and our goals are nowhere near the same. But they did help get me to a sociology conference and that was an amazing experience.

I talked to an academic adviser about a month ago and found that I would have to take summer classes if I wanted to graduate by May of next year. So I guess I don’t get another extended break from school until summer of 09 when I’m getting ready to head off to graduate school. But I am all but signed paperwork away from getting an internship this fall and I’m extremely excited about it. I’m going to get to work with the Dispute Resolution Center hopefully doing juvenile victim/offender mediation. This will bring up my total credit hours this fall to nineteen! Yay for overloads! I’ll probably just drop one class and pick it up in the spring so I’m not too overloaded on time.

I’m tired.

I really think this vacation will do me some serious good. To be able to get away from everyone and everything I know, to see parts of the country I’ve never seen, and to get out of my own head for a little while are concepts that sound so refreshing to me. I can’t wait.

Finding someone new

Over the past several weeks I have gone from a Hillary supporter to an Obama supporter, but beyond charismatic qualities I could not really tell anyone why.

Until I came across this post: Hillary Clinton: The Psycho Ex-Girlfriend of the Democratic Party

Awesome in more ways than I can truly count; it sums up in a laughable way Senator Clinton’s arrogant attitude of self-entitlement and utter lack of ability to read the will of the American people.

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