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Super Tuesday

Well, here it is. While I have been avoiding this decision for quite some time, with Super Tuesday upon us I can’t wait anymore. I’ve been talking with friends, colleagues, and instructors about the next direction our country needs to take and after listening to Ambassador Akbar Ahmed at Drury University on Thursday night I think I’ve made my decision.

Ambassador Ahmed spoke to a near-full auditorium at Drury and spoke about relations between the American and Muslim worlds. He said that things are not looking good. According to a Pew Study on attitudes, the relations between our two peoples have seriously worsened over the years. Because of our actions immediately following 9/11 and ever since, our public image not only in the Muslim world, but everywhere has been tarnished to the point that I believe no Republican candidate can fix.

The path to fixing this tragedy lies in understanding, but we can not understand if we are not willing to talk. The Republican candidates have been willfully ignorant of our situation in the global theater and I believe this is one of many reasons why it is time for a change. We need to go back to the table of negotiation, we need to foster a sense of trust with our opponents rather than a sense we are going to bomb them into submission. Our current administration has burned so many bridges in the last eight years it could easily take eight more years to rebuild them. Yes friends, it is time for a change.

Hillary Clinton gets my vote.

This has been a very difficult decision for me, as I’m sure it has been a difficult decision for all Americans, but I will be backing the Clinton legacy. With an economy going down the tubes, our global position following suit, and so many ills heaped upon us by the shoot-first-ask-questions-later current administration, I can think of no one better out of the choices given us to be the next leader of the country.

Our next president must be able to compete on the global level: Hillary brings with her the Clinton name, and with it the respect and power that name garnered in the middle east all those years ago when Bill was in office. Furthermore, her own experience in foreign policy while the first lady will only serve to strengthen these ties. In a time when the globalization of capitalism has shrank the size of the world to a marble where the United States barely shows as a speck, we can not afford to elect a president with so little experience in foreign matters.

This Tuesday, February 5th, make the right choice for America: elect Hillary Clinton as your Democratic candidate.

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