It's all about perspective

My faith in humanity has not quite been restored, polished slightly, but not fully restored.

I phoned the Dean of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies at my school this morning. He promised me I was his top priority. He took it upon himself to ensure my file was in order and when he called me back about an hour later it was to inform me I was fully admitted and that my money would be replaced in my account.

A huge weight has been lifted from my chest knowing this whole sordid affair is at its end. Yet I still feel somewhat cheated. The matter apparently had to involve a Dean, and all he did was get these people to do their jobs. I was lied to, blown off, treated like an imbecile, and all this caused me quite a bit of undue stress. Yet everything is supposed to be alright now that the boss stepped down from the pedestal to tell everyone to get back to work? It may be a small victory, but it feels very hollow.

My gut tells me something more needs to be done or said to someone. Maybe once I’ve slept on it the internal matter will either resolve itself or come to its conclusion.

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